Kirin pipes is Kenya’s most diverse manufacturer of HDPE DWC pipes. So what gives the company its hard-earned title? Well, it’s all in the high quality HDPE DWC pipes they produce. Let’s get into the details.

The pipe

The highly durable plastic pipes have an inner wall that is smooth and flat while the outer wall is corrugated rib. The purpose of the corrugated rib is so that the pipe can withstand high amounts of pressure exerted upon it without cracking. The pipes are made with an international advanced level HDPE double wall corrugated pipe production line. They are manufactured by extrusion and integral molding processes which guarantees that the pipe will be resistant to impact by external forces.


The pipes come in a variety of sizes, widths and colours depending on the specifications of the client. Kirin pipes produces a wide range namely: DN200mm, DN250mm, DN300mm, DN400mm, DN500mm, DN600mm and DN800mm.

The grades, meaning strength and quality of the pipe, varies too. Grades SN 4 AND SN 8 are ISO certified as the best. The company also produces custom made grades according to the desires of the client.

The colours of the inner wall of the pipes are also customized to meet the desired colour that the client requires.


The DWC pipes have a wide range of uses and are a suitable solution for municipal and civil projects such as drainage, industrial sewage discharge, farmland water conservancy and communication casing.


The plastic DWC pipe stands out from the other pipes as it is: lightweight, leak proof, flexible, resistant to corrosion, resistant to impact, cold-resistant, anti-settling, anti-UV, wear resistant and non-toxic.